Emily and Grace…1 year!

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Here are they are again, the Kallio Twins! Was so excited when mom asked me to take their 1 year photos! Last time I saw the girls they were 6 months and just about to sit up.Wayne and Kristin are patient and genuine parents, and you can see this in their girls!They both light up […]


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Is she not the cutest thing ever! Tristen was at Elderon Baseball Park with her family celebrating her cousins first communion. We had a blast running around the playground! She showed me all the different parts of the jungle gym!

Our day at the Park

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Early this month we took a trip to Oakwood Forest Park near our house. Here we had our first summer mini photo session. Tried out some new techniques out on the kids…Antek still isn’t too sure about that big black thing mommy keeps putting in his face. Carson and Skylar got to take some shots […]

LaDells Departure

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Our good Friends Adam and Sarah have left Wisconsin to greater adventures in California, and for their new jobs. We came over to the house before they left to say our goodbyes. I got a few last shots of their dog, Wrangler. Seriously the happiest dog ever! Enjoy! Hope you two had a great time […]